Hyundai Santa

Hyundai Santa Fe Is An Outstanding SUV With Korean Technology

Its Features Are Great With Good Practicality

Hyundai Santa Fe Is A Competent SUV With Good And Quality Features

Hyundai Santa Fe is a versatile SUV by the house of Hyundai. Korean technology has proved its worth.  It is good in size but not as big and wide as other big SUVs are. We may call it a midsized, well built SUV with quality and great features. It is good in built, strong in structure and reliable in performance. Hyundai has quite confident about its performance and built quality. It is reliable and safe vehicle and Euro NCAP has given five out of five stars. It shows the competency of Hyundai as a manufacturer. Hyundai knows very well how to compete the market of SUV in which giants are there. Quality features with good standard equipment are necessary to compete this class.

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Features And Equipment Are Equally Good In Response

Hyundai Santa Fe is a good vehicle with good qualities and features. It is well packed with standard features along with good practicality. General features are good in response. 3×3 point rear seat belts, anti lock braking system, alloy wheels, audio remote, adaptive cruise control with speed limiter, dual zone climate control, air conditioning unit, traction control, full size spare wheel, front fog lights, heated mirrors and heated seats, electric mirrors and windows, CD player, good and reliable infotainment system.

Hyundai Santa Features

Hyundai Santa Features

Sat NAV, folding rear seats, parking sensors, remote and central locking, standard air bags with side curtains, roof rails, ISOFIX children seat anchor points, Lumbar support seats, different warning alarming systems,  leather upholstered seats and dashboard, PAS and steering wheel rake and reach adjustments are available in latest Hyundai Santa Fe.

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Exterior And Interior Are Dashing With Good Practical Approach

Hyundai Santa Fe has good exterior along with comfortable and soothing interior. It is a well compact SUV with good outwardly look and appearance. Well built exterior is worthy one. Front grille is impressive with four stripes looking great. Hyundai monogram is well prominent in the middle of dashing of that grille. Front bumper is a class apart in itself. Lights are impressive and in god designing. Fog lights are good in size. Ground clearance is good.

Hyundai Santa Interior

Hyundai Santa Interior

Sides of doors are good with dark crease crosses through the handle grips. Front hood is flat with two grooves on its sides. Front wind screen is good in shape. Tail is impressive with good formation of rear lights. Exhaustion vents are good.  Interior is impressive and built quality is good as well. Dashboard is well knitted with quality features. Sitting arrangement is impressive and there is good spare room to move in freely. Cabin is spacious. Practicality of the cabin is good. Boot is of good size.

Diesel Engine Is Impressive In Performance

2.2litre CRDi diesel unit is good in response as we find in KIA Sorento. It is capable of 197bhp and 325lb/ft torque. It takes 9.3 seconds to get from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 125m/h.

Hyundai Santa Exterior

Hyundai Santa Exterior

Its fuel consumption is reasonable with 45m/g along with 175g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive as standard.

Citroen C4

Good Engine Is Strength Of Citroen C4

Three Trim Levels Further Enhanced Number Of Equipments Of Standard Kit

The mid sized family cars have tough competition and to get to a list of few top options, every company needs to work hard while keeping in mind price factor. Citroen C4 poses formidable challenge to the leading cars of this class but to replace them is still much needed to be done. The present generation has been in market for several years and few major changes were introduced in 2015 version.

Namely that was new engine to run it and trim levels. That refreshed series has two diesel and two petrol engines with three different trim levels to provide peculiarity a vehicle. The Pick these four engines is 1.6-Liter diesel with two different power outputs of 99bhp and 118bhp. On the other hand the two petrol turbocharged engines are rather punchy but not that economical so for short distances and sporty touch they can be considered by the buyers. Continue to read more about Citroen C4, must visit Engine Fitted first.

Low Price Of Family Hatchback Is Quite Appealing

This conventional five door hatchback is available at low price than rivals of same size and space of cabin. Thus buyers think of it due to their budget and it is also one of the biggest reasons for many buyers. Another advantage is low carbon emission some of models even lower than 100g/km and it is good news for company car users and private purchasers.

Citroen C4

Citroen C4

With fuel economy, it is cheap to run as well so it is the most important feature of the vehicle that has been focused by the experts as well. It is also a fact that in other areas it is not that impressive to achieve desired status.

Fuel Economy And Low Carbon Emission

With comfort of riders refinement of Citroen engines has not been ignored. Occupants of front seats enjoy good legroom so long journey would not bother them much. Three trim levels are named as Touch, Feel and Flair they have one thing common and it is passengers’ safety equipment. European safety agency has rated its safety in crash testing five stars.

Citroen C4 Engine

Citroen C4 Engine

The other noteworthy ranking is in fuel economy all the other areas have been rated disappointedly but even then it has been sold in reasonable numbers for many years. Satisfaction of buyers has also been answered positively and they have found eagerness on company’s part to improve this unit in every edition. Before going ahead, tick the Citroen C4 Engine For Sale to seek more details.

Rivals Offer Even Better Features

Generous standard kit and price are strong grounds for this car to compete the leaders of this class. Vibration of engine largely passes to controls inside cabin that reduces with acceleration on a highway. Rear lights are large and provide unique look to it with small wiper for back screen only a smaller area can be cleared to offer a better view to the driver.

Citroen C4 Features

Citroen C4 Features

Gearbox need to be made smoother for a driving experience that is commendable by any standard. Primarily Citroen C4 engines offer low CO2 emission and better mileage. With these two qualities, the manufacturer has been trying to beat rivals that have been offering comprehensive conventional family hatchbacks.

Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 Is A Mirror Image Of Subaru BRZ

GT 86 Is A Competent Sports Car, Though Not Class Leading

The New Toyota GT 86 Is An Impressive Vehicle, Though Not Taken As A Hot Cake

Sports cars are the most fun to drive than any other class of cars. Toyota GT 86 is a well renowned item of this class. Though it is big, heavy and larger than any other sports car, but not the finest one in its class. There are more competent brands available in the market than GT 86 such as Audi TT Coupe, BMW 2-Series, Volkswagen Scirocco and Mazda MX-5. Toyota GT 86 is the identical form of Subaru BRZ. It offers a thrilling driving experience with just one petrol engine under its bonnet. Continue to read more about GT86 must, visit Engine Fitted first.

Equipments And Accessories Are Up To Standards

Toyota GT 86 is equipped with hi-tech features and accessories. From its curvaceous exterior to its well built and precise interior it is fitted with lot of equipments such as keyless entry, 17-inches 10-spokes alloy wheels as standard, new improved and refined front grille with fog lights at its edge. Day-running LED lights, automatic cruise control and traction control with efficient stability control system, dual zone climate control and Bluetooth connectivity. In optional accessories parking sensors, JBL sound system and efficient sat-nav system are main ones.

Practicality And Boot Space

Though Toyota GT86 is a big car, but its design is not the most practical one. The front seats are good in position but at rear there is a little room for adults. Entering is another problem for the passengers at rear. There is enough space for head and leg room at front but at rear the leg and head room is very tight.

Boot Space

Boot Space

The boot space is also not the efficient one if we compare this with of other sports brands available in the market. The Toyota GT 86 offers 237-litres boot space. With dropping rear seats down you can get a good reasonable space for loading and un-loading.

The New Toyota 86 Is Available With Some Extra Power Under Its Bonnet

The latest Toyota 86 is now with 205bhp and 55lb/ft torque, 2.0 litre petrol Toyota engine.  With some extra horsepower and torque force than its previous model, it gives an excellent performance. This is not a sports car if we notice its solid and heavy built but not less than any sports, coupe or convertible available in the market.

Toyota Engine

Toyota Engine

It takes 7.4seconds to get from0-62m/h with top speed of 140m/h. This 2.0litre engine gives 34m/g of fuel average along with 180g/km of Co2 emissions. This straight four-cylinder engine is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive system.

Toyota Has Its Worth In Safety Features And Equipments Used In Its Vehicles

Though this new GT86 has not been tested by any international institute, but Toyota has guaranteed about safety and reliability of this car. Its built and design is solid enough to maintain the safety standards.

Toyota GT86 Features

Toyota GT86 Features

There are seven air bags with side curtains along with extra airbags for driver’s knee, switchable stability control program, traction control and efficient braking system fitted in this speedy car. ISOFIX child seat is an additional feature for this car. Some extra LED lamps are added in front head lights and rear lamps. LED day-running lights are there at front.

Renault Rs

The Renault Megane RS is a good blend of hatchback and sports features.

With some of efficient petrol engines, it performs well.

The most impressive and appealing in sports- hatchback class is the Renault Megane RS-Series.

The Renault Megane Renault Sport is a series of hot hatchback genre typically based of Renault Megane. When we check out the graph of its popularity, then it can be considered as a benchmark setting vehicle of its class all over the world, generally and in the market of UK especially.

Megane Rs

Megane Rs

The Renault as a car manufacturer has emphasized on its CUP-shaped chassis which performs a major role in the formation of such a delicate hatchback with impressive look and practicality. Continue to read more about Renault Megane must, visit Engine Fitted first.

The RS-Series has achieved the standard which was expecting from it under the badge of Renault Sport and the response of the audience shows its worth and competency. The Renault has focused on driving dynamics while designing the RS-Series which gives the enthusiastic and fun to drive along with great performance. The Renault RS-Series has challenged some very competent brands after its debut in the year of 2010 such as the legendary Volkswagen Golf GTI, Ford Focus ST and SEAT Leon Cupra. There are several models in RS-Series with different features and outputs regarding to the demand of clients, the RS 250 is considered as the best model in hot hatchback family.

The RS-Series is knitted with sporty interior features.

The Renault has used very simple designing to array the interior of RS-Series which is old looking but still looks great.

Renault car

Renault car

The Megane has its resemblance with Renault Clio but the new Megane has some features extra in it. Sports seats give you the best and hold you tightly in place along with two-way adjustments. The NAV trim-level is fitted with electric seat adjustments and seat heating system The Renault has made firm suspensions which offer you a very sporty handling. The interior as a whole is very nicely knitted and fitted with some racy flourishes on the dials. The large screen with other infotainment system which is operated by toggle switch is impressive in use. The new Renault Megane RS is with 18-inch alloy wheels as standard and with 19-inch optional on extra paid. The dashboard is clear and simple to operate. The panoramic glass roof is a good source of light and fresh air. A rear parking camera and parking sensors are as standard.

The Renault Megane RS-Series is a practical one with enough space.

This series is designed for those who want the qualities of a sports car in a hatchback body style and the new Megane fulfills this aspect with great perfection. If we compare it with its few rivals, especially with the VW Golf GTI and Focus ST, then we feel limitations in some aspects but overall the Megane is far better than its rivals due to its sports-concept. The seating arrangement is tricky one with good practical head and leg room. Enough space is there in both, front seat rows or rear seats. The entrance is always awkward for three-door vehicles but in the Renault Megane you feel the difference. The passengers at rear seats feel comfortable and relaxed. The boot space is low with 344litres storage capacity but enough for a small hatchback car like Megane. The folding seats set up offers a healthy space and the total storage capacity reaches up to 990litres. There is very little arrangement for holdings of bottles, cups and documents if we compare it with its rivals with lot of cubbies and arrangements. The interior offers a good and acceptable passengers’ space with storage capacity overall.

With good safety and reliability, the Megane RS-Series is an acceptable hatchback.

The Renault has focused this factor a lot and got the results in the 2016 Driver Power Owner Satisfaction Survey. The Megane RS was on the 60th place out of 160 cars, which proved the Renault concerns on this matter. The improvement showed in the Ride Quality Survey of 2016 in which the Megane was at 8th position out of 32 cars.

Rs Megane gear

Rs Megane gear

After some modifications and refinements the Megane has been certified with five-star rating by the Euro NCAP. Its electronic stability control is perfect in performance which gives you the perfect handling at sharp speed and acute turning on speed. The front and rear curtain airbags are as standard with front and side airbags. The new Megane is fitted with traction control unit, big and well operational ABS braking system, service indicators, ISOFIX child seat with anchor points and cruise control system as standard.

With efficient petrol engine lineup the Megane is a worthy sports hatchback.

The sports look is not enough to impress the audience all the time, so that’s why the Renault as a manufacturer has used its best petrol engines in this hatchback class to make it sporty.  The Renault Megane offers an enthusiastic and thrilling driving experience which perfectly matches with its purposeful appearance.

The 2.0litre T-16V is an efficient entry-level petrol engine.

With 246bhp and 251lb/ft torque the 2.0litre T-16V is an impressive petrol engine in performance. It takes 5.9 seconds to get from 0-62m/h. The maximum speed of this petrol engine is 156m/h. Its fuel average is 34m/g with 190g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive system. This engine is used in Recaro three-door trim-level.

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The 2.0litre with 261bhp is mostly in use of RS-Series.

The 2.0litre T-16V petrol engine is capable of 261bhp and 266lb/ft torque. This version is capable to take the Megane from 0-62m/h in 5.8 seconds with top speed of 158m/h. It is one seconds quicker than the 246bhp petrol version.

interior renault

interior renault

This petrol version with slightly variation in performance and fuel economy is used in the Renault Cup-Chassis Recaro with start-stop technology offers 34-36m/g of fuel average with 176-190g/km of Co2 emissions.

The 2.0litre T-16V with 275bhp is at the top in this fine petrol engine lineup.

With 275bhp and 266lb/ft torque this turbocharged petrol version is capable to take this sporty hatchback from0-62m/h in 5.7 seconds. The top speed is 158m/h. The fuel consumption is 37m/g with 174g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive as standard.

The RS-Series is an efficient blend of a hatchback and a sports car features with good sporty and noisy Akrapovic exhaustion. The Michelin Pilot Sports tyres give it a sporty and endless grip which gives a smooth driving experience.

Ford Focus 2017

A good value family car that is also good to drive, the Ford Focus

Ford Focus is great to drive

The Ford Focus has been a smash hit in the UK for a long time, and the most recent era is stunningly better. Divulged in 2011, it was vigorously redesigned in 2014, bringing some new engines, another front grille, and a higher-quality inside.

The engines are awesome however, with an extensive variety of petrols and diesels on offer. There’s additionally a moderate offering Focus Electric, however it can’t rival more present day rivals with regards to run. The three-barrel EcoBoost petrol units are particularly solid, and remain our pick of the range. Continue to read more about a good family car must visit, Engine Fitted first.

Britain’s best

The Ford Focus has for some time been a most loved of British auto purchasers – in reality it’s been our smash hit C-section family incubate for a considerable length of time. It’s up against some extremely prevalent opponents as well, including the Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf, SEAT Leon, Nissan Pulsar and Volvo V40 among a plenty of contenders, apparently from all edges of the globe.

Focus ford

Focus ford

The Ford Focus we know today comes as the consequence of a 2014 facelift, which brought slimmer headlamps, a more upmarket grille, a completely patched up inside and some new engine and tech choices. As you would anticipate from a center Ford demonstrate, the Focus arrives in an extensive variety of trim levels and details, and two body styles – a five-entryway hatchback and the more viable Focus Estate.

A Car for Every One

There truly is something for everybody, beginning with the straightforward section level Style, through the well-known Zetec and trio of ST-Line models, up to the advantage of the Titanium and Titanium X. Lively tastes are provided food for by the Focus ST hot bring forth which comes in three variants (ST, ST-2 and ST-3), and goes up against the opposition in the state of the VW Golf GTI and Renaultsport Megane. In the event that you truly need to go wild, the 345bhp four-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS is generally thought to be a standout amongst the most exciting superior hatchbacks the world has ever observed.


And additionally an extensive variety of body styles and trims, the Ford Focus has a solid petrol and diesel engine line-up as well, all turbocharged for good execution and noteworthy productivity. The three-barrel Ecoboost petrol is mainstream for all the correct reasons, as it strikes an awesome harmony between a vivacious drive and low running expenses. To be reasonable however, the same can be said for the greater part of the Ford engines in the Focus line-up.


For option powertrain fans, there’s the Ford Focus Electric. It looks awesome in principle, yet it’s not too pragmatic and just offers a constrained range. It’s gone for opponents, for example, the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 yet shockingly, it’s more bargained than both.

Focus engine

Focus engine

The principal Ford Focus was propelled in 1998, when it genuinely shook up the opposition by rethinking the family hatchback. Progressive eras haven’t exactly dealt with a similar trap, yet everyone has enhanced the Focus mixed drink in important ways. It offers manufacture quality, refinement and taking care of that are a match for the class best, and however it’s not exactly the champion it once was.


Engines and Ride


With a solid scope of petrol and diesel engines, the Focus is refined and generally shoddy to run, while the driving knowledge is first class.


The Focus has obviously been outlined in view of solace and proficiency, however Ford’s capable designers haven’t dismissed taking care of. It’s unquestionably a more energizing cow than a Kia Cee’d and it presents more lithe taking care of than a Volkswagen Golf. Hand over is sharp, while the colossal undercarriage serves up solid hold. From multiple points of view it resembles a major Fiesta, and there’s no higher compliment for a front-wheel drive auto than that.


The Focus is settled at engine way speeds, with the suspension making a decent showing with regards to of dousing up knocks. The auto is exceptionally surface-delicate however – rougher engine ways create significantly more street commotion in the auto than recently reemerged ones, while rivals veil surface changes better, particularly more solace arranged ones like the Citroen C4.

Bmw 2 series active tourer

BMW 225i xDrive Active Tourer Engine

The engine of BMW 225i xDrive is so sturdy and smooth to drive so that you will never ever feel vexatious while having the steering of 225i in your hands.

Life is the name of discovering new things. To travel and admire the beauty of nature should be the goal of beings but unfortunately we are so much busy in our daily routines that we don’t have time for any kind of adventure. But one of the famous vehicles making company, BMW once again catches our attention towards adventure by manufacturing its elegantly designed 2 series cars.

All the cars of BMW are no less than a masterpiece but 2 series active tourer are really worth appreciating. It is really very difficult to find a flaw in these vehicles. And that is the very reason BMW gains such fame all over the world. Today, my article will give the details of an attractive model BMW 225i xDrive Active Tourer. Continue to read more about your dream car must, visit used engine for sale first.

Interior and exterior:

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is a proof that compact dimensions, practicality and functionality can be perfectly combined with a dynamic design. Whether it is sports activities, long road trips or for common day-to-day use, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is ready to go always – with the dynamics you hope of a BMW.

Active tourer interior

Active tourer interior

This grand 2 Series Active Tourer truly breaks new ground for BMW. It’s the marque’s first ever MPV people carrier – and the first smart BMW with front-wheel drive which is launched in 2014… It can easily carry five people and plenty of luggage, but is it somehow better than its practical rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz B-class.  The ideal blend of style, riding pleasure, equipment and practicality; BMW Ocean GROUP presents the impressive BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, masterful road handling merge with large boot capacity and features such as sliding back seats, to supply exceptional versatility, functionality and great driving pleasure. Whichever model you pick will come with BMW Business Navigation as standard.

What about engine?

It is available just for the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer’s smart top-of-the-range power units; this intelligent four-wheel drive system is offered in great combination with the 8-speed Steptronic automatic (non-manual) transmission. BMW declares the four-wheel drive system adds about 61 kg (134.5 lbs) to the models’ curb weight, which has a very less impact on fuel efficiency. Depending on the size of the tyres, the BMW 225i xDrive Active Tourer has a combined consumption of fuel as low as 6.4 l/100 km (36.7 mpg US), while emissions of CO2 are rated at 148 g/km.


The efficient xDrive system transfers power from the front drive to the back axle simply by means of an angular gear (Power Take-Off) on the anterior differential and a two-part cardan shaft. The central component of the competent four-wheel drive system is an electro-hydraulically controlled multiple-disk clutch (Hang-On) just inside the rear axle drive, which permits infinitely variable distribution of torque to the both front and rear wheels.

When required, the multiple-disk clutch (Hang-On) can direct up to 100% of torque to the backside wheels – for illustration when the front wheels are standing on ice. Under typical normal driving conditions when AWD is not needed, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer works cleverly in front-wheel drive mode.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf Revealed! Massive Changes and New Technologies

Tweaked styling, new engines and massive alterations and more safety features

The all-new 2017 Volkswagen Golf is a market favourite in the UK and it’s the German automaker’s excellent-made and top selling hatchback on our shores, with the current Mk7 variation commonly featuring in top 10 hatchback rankings but still unable to beat the rivals like Ford Fiesta. Entering into the modern era, a revitalized version of the outgoing model offers lot more than expectations where modern looks, relatively tweaked engine line-up and all that jazz of a revolution in terms of technological advancement under the badge of VW. It is not a normal hatchback, it is offered into Golf estate, GTI and GTE plug-in hybrid models.Continue to read more about Volkswagen Golf must visit Engine Fitted first.

Refined Styling Updates Keep the Golf Alive

There is a massive difference between the seventh generation and eighth generation Golf is not the styling, however VW has executed enough to keep it looking up to date and modern vehicle. On the front end, there’s a redesigned bumper and new lights, with full LED headlamps replacing the previous xenon lights that have been average on higher-spec models.



The grille is extraordinary and bumper designs are relying on the models in the Mk7. On the back side of the Golf hatchback, LED taillights are being introduced throughout the range, with top-spec models getting curved indicators that brighten the inside out.

New 1.5-litre TSI engine and DSG gearbox

The all new Volkswagen golf is powered by a new 1.5 litre TSI Evo engine, swiping the previously used 1.4 litre TSI active Cylinder technology. It produces 150hp and 250Nm of torque and also powered by a new seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox, but still offers ACT technology which shuts down two of the four cylinders at cruising speeds when the accelerator is working at the light loads. There may even be a 130hp version of this VW Engine joining the Volkswagen Golf engine line up. It might make its appearance in the BlueMotion models in order to characteristic the ability to coast and engine deactivation on the move. This may gradually make a contribution to claimed CO2 emissions of simply 104g/km in the Golf line-up.



For something more powerful in the Golf GTI hot hatch has been boosted to 230hp in standard version, while the GTI generates 245hp. The Mk7 GTI produces 220hp and 230hp respectively in both standard and performance versions.

New tech-fest Golf

The exterior changes are nominal while the interior changes are enormous. It would possibly not too appealing but Volkswagen has turned the table by introducing the most modern technologies on already tech enriched Golf. The new Golf has Virtual Cockpit and virtual instrumentation same as offered on the Passat. A massive cluster of digital instruments in place of analogue dials and ordinary meters and other advancements might be available as an option across the Golf line-up. Other features include satellite navigation and driver assistance including the information about fuel economy. There are plenty of developed connectivity and online services including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wireless mobile phone charging, a Wi-Fi hotspot and online offerings all in 2017 Volkswagen Golf MK7.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 Concept

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 Concept Revealed

Rolls-Royce is on fire to turn up the Vision Next 100 concept

Rolls Royce is already in the air. Now, it is about to deliver a new Vision Next 100 concept. It provides a luxury insight look into the Vision Next 100 concept. The concept of the model has been insisting on to come at an event celebrating owner BMW centenary. This event was held at the Roundhouse in North London, and takes after futuristic models from BMW as well as Stablemate MINI. But if you want to get legitimate and reliable engines supply and fitting Services in UK then Engine Fitted is the best choice for it.

BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce

BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce

These models carry weight in the world. In future, they let us know that which will bring round the people, falling back upon with incredible technologies. The Vision Next 100 concept shows the first glance as clearly recognizable as Rolls, and almost at 5.9 meters long. It takes after Phantom as length. Meanwhile, it is too much better than Phantom in technologies and luxury looking with a big design concept.

Done Exterior Concept Work

Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 concept reveals the magnificent exterior look, falling back upon wheels, curving roofline and Rolls Royce badge. It gives an extremely very well expression like a pretty queen to impress any car beauty lovers across the world. Most of you must like it very much because of having an extraordinary exterior to ever be fixed in the eyes of people. It will be going on with attending to the exterior to raise its dulcet attractiveness more than before.

Exterior Concept

Exterior Concept

Having looked at the exterior, you have to pay your attention on the wheels that show an interesting luxury work of engineer, while having the height a bit up from ground. If they are released to come below, they will calmly kiss the ground. The curving roofline and pinched rear end are not only a classic sports car but also perhaps the ever sportiest thing. We offers reconditioned engines for sale at cheap price. You can visit us at and a get free price quotes.

Beauty Luxury

Beauty Luxury

These things have been seen on the Vision Next 100 concept to carrying the Rolls Royce badge in future memory while having the extraordinary thoughts. At front, the vertical Rolls Royce nose attractively reveals the bright colorful look. Meanwhile the shoulder-line wonderfully exists over the rear wheels to be more prominent to power stance. It protects the luxury beauty of wheels, while being sacrifice.

Intelligent Roof

Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 concept is on fire to pops up plenty of new technologies to be famous in the world. It offers a new technological roof to welcome you in the front seat of the car without having a bit problem for you. The entire roof goes towards the sky, when the door will be opened by you. It allows you simply step inside end sit down with no ungainly ducking.

Intelligent Roof

Intelligent Roof

If you want to save your worthy luggage, having a long trip with your family, you will come into the contact with the new Vision Next 100 concept. It carries weight due to offer a lot of space just for luggage and takes the responsibility to protect it very well, after all. It churns up a rakish rear where your luggage is calmly going to be fitted. Rolls Royce stands by you to deliver a large boot space behind the front wheel.

Lightweight and Luxury Design

The Vision Next 100 concept is too much light in weight to impress the people, who are going on with falling in love with its Excellencies. Although it seems so heavy in appearance, yet it is very much lighter.

Luxury Design

Luxury Design

It is based a higher lightweight platform, including the high performance electric drive that is quality of two 250kw motors on the front as well as rear axle. Nevertheless, body design and wheelbase can be specified by the buyers, getting personalization to new at unprecedented levels.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Accepting the Request of 2.0-Litre Petrol Engine

The 2.0-litre petrol engine has been insisting on to make a destination in Alfa Romeo Giulia, having had a long period, it has successful to get a accepted request

People of all world have already take the taste of new Alfa Romeo Giulia in diesel engine form and appreciated the wonderful performance, which made them so happy, that you can’t imagine. During the period of diesel, the 2.0-litre petrol engine has been tried its best to completely run out the diesel engine from the body of Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Back View

Alfa Romeo Giulia Back View

It was feeling jealousy and can’t see the strong destination of diesel engine in the world by dint of the Giulia. Now, the 2.0-litre petrol engine is ready to raise it reputation more as the diesel engine has rapidly increase the worth in past. But, question is that the petrol engine has the ability to compete with diesel engine? Let’s see how many new technologies are coming for you by dint of petrol engine of Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Petrol Engine is Best than Diesel Engine? Let’s Know

The first drive of new form with a 2.0-litre petrol engine has incredibly impressed not only the members of company but also the people that have some glances of Giulia in first drive. The 2.0-litre petrol engine may not be a top seller while comparing to diesel engine in Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Engines

Alfa Romeo Giulia Engines

On the other hand more economical diesel engine has appealed plenty companies car buyers, while offering the excellence performance. Now, both are good in performance, however it depends upon people that which engine they would like to fix in their cars. BMW 320i is a big rival of the Giulia that does still have a big market not only in the UK but also all over in the world. The 320i is impatiently waiting for the Giulia while having the determination to defeat it as worst.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior

Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior

Is the Petrol Quieter than the Diesel?

The petrol engine is economically better than the diesel engine. Why you must choose the petrol engine? Let your intelligent mind has some technologies of Alfa Romeo Giulia in the petrol engine. The petrol engine is too much quieter to hear than the diesel at low revs. It is so lazy that can’t send plenty of vibration through the car when you let yourself to push it hard and fast. There is a sporty tone towards the engine as you step on the throttle; it is too good to have a fun to stretch out.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Performance

Alfa Romeo Giulia Performance

What’s About Performance?

In performance, the petrol engine of the Giulia is too much greater than all available engines of rivals. It produces 197bhp and a 0-62mph just 6.6 seconds while defeating the engine performance of BMW 320i. You are amazingly able to take the 330Nm of torque just 1,750rpm, but full power would be get at 5,000rpm. You can simply rely on the torque in gear performance. Let yourself to enjoy the power delivery, if you would like to feel to touch through the gears as work.

Volkswagen’s T6 Transporter

How Volkswagen Transporter T6 Will Take On Rivals with New Engines

New Volkswagen Engines, Car Alike Interior and Ultra-Modern Technology Ensures Transporter T6 s’ Popularity

Volkswagen’s T6 Transporter may seem alike to its ancestor, however with 2 million of the vans bought by the customers out of the 12 million Transporters registered in its whole life were T5 or fifth generation.

New Volkswagen Transporter

New Volkswagen Transporter

VW can also be forgiven for taking a traditional tactic to restyling. Nevertheless, behind the sharper traces, sparkly headlights and chiselled bodywork, there had been some essential updates. However, you can find high quality VW engines for sale in UK online at

Introduction of Euro 6 Diesel Engines

The biggest information is the introduction of Euro 6 diesel engines, on the way to become standard from September 2016 to meet the terms of European emissions laws.

Euro 6 Diesel Engines

Euro 6 Diesel Engines

The van additionally benefits from much of the stylish technological expertise obvious in VW’s automobiles, with Active Cruise Control (ACC), Lane depart assist, automatic post-Collision Braking and high Beam assist all making an appearance for the first time in the firm’s most fashionable light commercial vehicle business.

What is it?

Obviously, the Volkswagen Transporter isn’t just a panel van. As well as the general commercial vehicle, there are Kombi double cab models followed by shuttles and minibuses plus the ever-styled California camper van all constructed on the same chassis. There will be only Euro 5 diesel engines available unless subsequent September, the 2.0-litre engine supplying 84hp, 102hp and 140hp with only faster 180hp in bi-turbo kind.

2.0-litre Engine

2.0-litre Engine

All of those engines now characteristic the company’s BlueMotion Technology (BMT) kit as normal, together with Start/Stop, regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tyres. This contributes to a claimed 15% fuel saving across the line-up.

Euro 5 Engines of Transporter T5

The previously in service Euro 5 engine will be in service till coming September, In addition to the familiar Euro 5 engines, VW will present the 102hp engine, in Euro 6 trim. The company will start with the 102hp it has the 75% of UK’s total sales.

Euro 5 Transporter T5

Euro 5 Transporter T5

It comes with the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) that makes use of Ad Blue exhaust additive fluid. This raises the combined fuel economy from 42.2mpg to 47.9 miles per gallon, at the same time dropping the CO2 emissions from 176g/km to just 153g/km. It is going to still set you back another £1,020, so initial attraction is prone to be restrained to these corporations keen to demonstrate their green credentials. The Euro 6 line-up may also include a 150hp single turbo engine to switch the current 140hp, and a 204hp bi-turbo to switch the 180hp as the most powerful choice. However, you can buy reconditioned engines from at cheap prices online.