Volkswagen and it Starts the Magic

Say Hello Volkswagen and it Starts the Magic

The Volkswagen Golf Gets Big Tech Upgrade, Gesture Controls to Make A Way Forward Into the Modern Era of Mobility

Want to see the new technology coming from the house of Volkswagen, it is gesture control system. Volkswagen will introduce the system with the E-Golf touch concept in the near future. Significantly, the Golf is not famous for its Volkswagen Golf engines but for new technologies, now it will get these controls but that’s only the part of the upgrade package which Volkswagen is giving to the new Golf, the most popular car in the UK.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

MIB Infotainment System:

The latest MIB infotainment system has been offered with new 9.2-inch high resolution display with a reconfigurable home screen, driver selectable and user friendly functions. It has great support to mobile phones and music interfaces. It is also capable and compatible to MirrorLink phone pairing setup.

MIB Information System

MIB Information System

This infotainment system also offers the compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

When Gesture Control Will Be Available?

The details and information about the gesture control system are very slim but it is expected that the Golf R Touch concept will be the first candidate for the system. Just say Hello Volkswagen to start the magic. It is just like you say Hello Google on the android system.

What’s Next?

The wireless charging system will be the next thing and that’s nothing even new, out of the infotainment system, there will be a charging tray, used to wirelessly charge the mobile phones.

Volkswagen Charging System

Volkswagen Charging System

Back seats will also have charging system to wirelessly charge the mobile phones. If someone still wants to charge their mobile on a traditional USB Type port, no problem, Volkswagen still offering C-Type ports for swift data transfer and quick charging. offers the top quality VW engines for sale at affordable prices. At Engines Fitted, a team of professional and experienced engine experts always ready to serve to better.

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