Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 Is A Mirror Image Of Subaru BRZ

GT 86 Is A Competent Sports Car, Though Not Class Leading

The New Toyota GT 86 Is An Impressive Vehicle, Though Not Taken As A Hot Cake

Sports cars are the most fun to drive than any other class of cars. Toyota GT 86 is a well renowned item of this class. Though it is big, heavy and larger than any other sports car, but not the finest one in its class. There are more competent brands available in the market than GT 86 such as Audi TT Coupe, BMW 2-Series, Volkswagen Scirocco and Mazda MX-5. Toyota GT 86 is the identical form of Subaru BRZ. It offers a thrilling driving experience with just one petrol engine under its bonnet. Continue to read more about GT86 must, visit Engine Fitted first.

Equipments And Accessories Are Up To Standards

Toyota GT 86 is equipped with hi-tech features and accessories. From its curvaceous exterior to its well built and precise interior it is fitted with lot of equipments such as keyless entry, 17-inches 10-spokes alloy wheels as standard, new improved and refined front grille with fog lights at its edge. Day-running LED lights, automatic cruise control and traction control with efficient stability control system, dual zone climate control and Bluetooth connectivity. In optional accessories parking sensors, JBL sound system and efficient sat-nav system are main ones.

Practicality And Boot Space

Though Toyota GT86 is a big car, but its design is not the most practical one. The front seats are good in position but at rear there is a little room for adults. Entering is another problem for the passengers at rear. There is enough space for head and leg room at front but at rear the leg and head room is very tight.

Boot Space

Boot Space

The boot space is also not the efficient one if we compare this with of other sports brands available in the market. The Toyota GT 86 offers 237-litres boot space. With dropping rear seats down you can get a good reasonable space for loading and un-loading.

The New Toyota 86 Is Available With Some Extra Power Under Its Bonnet

The latest Toyota 86 is now with 205bhp and 55lb/ft torque, 2.0 litre petrol Toyota engine.  With some extra horsepower and torque force than its previous model, it gives an excellent performance. This is not a sports car if we notice its solid and heavy built but not less than any sports, coupe or convertible available in the market.

Toyota Engine

Toyota Engine

It takes 7.4seconds to get from0-62m/h with top speed of 140m/h. This 2.0litre engine gives 34m/g of fuel average along with 180g/km of Co2 emissions. This straight four-cylinder engine is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive system.

Toyota Has Its Worth In Safety Features And Equipments Used In Its Vehicles

Though this new GT86 has not been tested by any international institute, but Toyota has guaranteed about safety and reliability of this car. Its built and design is solid enough to maintain the safety standards.

Toyota GT86 Features

Toyota GT86 Features

There are seven air bags with side curtains along with extra airbags for driver’s knee, switchable stability control program, traction control and efficient braking system fitted in this speedy car. ISOFIX child seat is an additional feature for this car. Some extra LED lamps are added in front head lights and rear lamps. LED day-running lights are there at front.