Citroen C4

Good Engine Is Strength Of Citroen C4

Three Trim Levels Further Enhanced Number Of Equipments Of Standard Kit

The mid sized family cars have tough competition and to get to a list of few top options, every company needs to work hard while keeping in mind price factor. Citroen C4 poses formidable challenge to the leading cars of this class but to replace them is still much needed to be done. The present generation has been in market for several years and few major changes were introduced in 2015 version.

Namely that was new engine to run it and trim levels. That refreshed series has two diesel and two petrol engines with three different trim levels to provide peculiarity a vehicle. The Pick these four engines is 1.6-Liter diesel with two different power outputs of 99bhp and 118bhp. On the other hand the two petrol turbocharged engines are rather punchy but not that economical so for short distances and sporty touch they can be considered by the buyers. Continue to read more about Citroen C4, must visit Engine Fitted first.

Low Price Of Family Hatchback Is Quite Appealing

This conventional five door hatchback is available at low price than rivals of same size and space of cabin. Thus buyers think of it due to their budget and it is also one of the biggest reasons for many buyers. Another advantage is low carbon emission some of models even lower than 100g/km and it is good news for company car users and private purchasers.

Citroen C4

Citroen C4

With fuel economy, it is cheap to run as well so it is the most important feature of the vehicle that has been focused by the experts as well. It is also a fact that in other areas it is not that impressive to achieve desired status.

Fuel Economy And Low Carbon Emission

With comfort of riders refinement of Citroen engines has not been ignored. Occupants of front seats enjoy good legroom so long journey would not bother them much. Three trim levels are named as Touch, Feel and Flair they have one thing common and it is passengers’ safety equipment. European safety agency has rated its safety in crash testing five stars.

Citroen C4 Engine

Citroen C4 Engine

The other noteworthy ranking is in fuel economy all the other areas have been rated disappointedly but even then it has been sold in reasonable numbers for many years. Satisfaction of buyers has also been answered positively and they have found eagerness on company’s part to improve this unit in every edition. Before going ahead, tick the Citroen C4 Engine For Sale to seek more details.

Rivals Offer Even Better Features

Generous standard kit and price are strong grounds for this car to compete the leaders of this class. Vibration of engine largely passes to controls inside cabin that reduces with acceleration on a highway. Rear lights are large and provide unique look to it with small wiper for back screen only a smaller area can be cleared to offer a better view to the driver.

Citroen C4 Features

Citroen C4 Features

Gearbox need to be made smoother for a driving experience that is commendable by any standard. Primarily Citroen C4 engines offer low CO2 emission and better mileage. With these two qualities, the manufacturer has been trying to beat rivals that have been offering comprehensive conventional family hatchbacks.

Ford Focus 2017

A good value family car that is also good to drive, the Ford Focus

Ford Focus is great to drive

The Ford Focus has been a smash hit in the UK for a long time, and the most recent era is stunningly better. Divulged in 2011, it was vigorously redesigned in 2014, bringing some new engines, another front grille, and a higher-quality inside.

The engines are awesome however, with an extensive variety of petrols and diesels on offer. There’s additionally a moderate offering Focus Electric, however it can’t rival more present day rivals with regards to run. The three-barrel EcoBoost petrol units are particularly solid, and remain our pick of the range. Continue to read more about a good family car must visit, Engine Fitted first.

Britain’s best

The Ford Focus has for some time been a most loved of British auto purchasers – in reality it’s been our smash hit C-section family incubate for a considerable length of time. It’s up against some extremely prevalent opponents as well, including the Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf, SEAT Leon, Nissan Pulsar and Volvo V40 among a plenty of contenders, apparently from all edges of the globe.

Focus ford

Focus ford

The Ford Focus we know today comes as the consequence of a 2014 facelift, which brought slimmer headlamps, a more upmarket grille, a completely patched up inside and some new engine and tech choices. As you would anticipate from a center Ford demonstrate, the Focus arrives in an extensive variety of trim levels and details, and two body styles – a five-entryway hatchback and the more viable Focus Estate.

A Car for Every One

There truly is something for everybody, beginning with the straightforward section level Style, through the well-known Zetec and trio of ST-Line models, up to the advantage of the Titanium and Titanium X. Lively tastes are provided food for by the Focus ST hot bring forth which comes in three variants (ST, ST-2 and ST-3), and goes up against the opposition in the state of the VW Golf GTI and Renaultsport Megane. In the event that you truly need to go wild, the 345bhp four-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS is generally thought to be a standout amongst the most exciting superior hatchbacks the world has ever observed.


And additionally an extensive variety of body styles and trims, the Ford Focus has a solid petrol and diesel engine line-up as well, all turbocharged for good execution and noteworthy productivity. The three-barrel Ecoboost petrol is mainstream for all the correct reasons, as it strikes an awesome harmony between a vivacious drive and low running expenses. To be reasonable however, the same can be said for the greater part of the Ford engines in the Focus line-up.


For option powertrain fans, there’s the Ford Focus Electric. It looks awesome in principle, yet it’s not too pragmatic and just offers a constrained range. It’s gone for opponents, for example, the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 yet shockingly, it’s more bargained than both.

Focus engine

Focus engine

The principal Ford Focus was propelled in 1998, when it genuinely shook up the opposition by rethinking the family hatchback. Progressive eras haven’t exactly dealt with a similar trap, yet everyone has enhanced the Focus mixed drink in important ways. It offers manufacture quality, refinement and taking care of that are a match for the class best, and however it’s not exactly the champion it once was.


Engines and Ride


With a solid scope of petrol and diesel engines, the Focus is refined and generally shoddy to run, while the driving knowledge is first class.


The Focus has obviously been outlined in view of solace and proficiency, however Ford’s capable designers haven’t dismissed taking care of. It’s unquestionably a more energizing cow than a Kia Cee’d and it presents more lithe taking care of than a Volkswagen Golf. Hand over is sharp, while the colossal undercarriage serves up solid hold. From multiple points of view it resembles a major Fiesta, and there’s no higher compliment for a front-wheel drive auto than that.


The Focus is settled at engine way speeds, with the suspension making a decent showing with regards to of dousing up knocks. The auto is exceptionally surface-delicate however – rougher engine ways create significantly more street commotion in the auto than recently reemerged ones, while rivals veil surface changes better, particularly more solace arranged ones like the Citroen C4.